Business process outsourcing, or BPOs, is a business activity in which one organization employs another company to conduct a process task required by the hiring organization for the efficient operation of its own business.

While organizations typically outsource non-core functions such as customer care, repetitive financial services, and IT operations, essential activities, are still kept guarded. Strategic activities such as data mining and data analytics are also outsourced by companies, both of which have emerged as important elements for digital transformation and competitive advantage in the digital economy.

So, by evaluating and analyzing customer experiences and providing useful input to their agents, almost all contact centers constantly search for ways to enhance their quality and experience. The use of speech analytics tools and artificial intelligence to discover useful customer data has increased in popularity in recent years.

Moving on to What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a large branch of computer science that deals with the creation of smart machines capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with different approaches, but in nearly every field of the tech industry, developments in machine learning and deep learning are causing a paradigm change.


What’s the AI BLEND Buzz about?

AI and human touch

Speech analytics is the developing buzz. It automates the process of listening to conversations between customers. Delivered as an enterprise software solution, speech analytics removes information that may otherwise be missing from consumer conversations. Speech analytics solutions acknowledge spoken words in real time through spoken words and phrases.

Moreover, they also dig into the emotional characteristics by tracking silence and tone of conversation.

Taking the unstructured data trapped in the audio of recorded calls and converting it into structured data that can be searched and analyzed is a multi-step process. The first phase includes the integration of source system conversations (call recorder, VOIP stream) and related metadata, such as which agent handled the contact, what day and time it occurred, and who the client was.


Combining the Two

Combining AI and Human

An extra layer of speech analytics tools is with artificial intelligence. AI takes analytics from a mere way of collecting data and building a database to scan and evaluate contact center managers to automatically review the information gathered and propose solutions. Companies set themselves apart from their rivals in many ways by training the software to make decisions that usually involve human interaction.

To provide hidden perspectives and possibilities, AI in Speech Recognition Software Solutions will automatically capture the full agent-customer interaction. The sophisticated module for language and speech analysis will recognize the language, keywords, and phrases from any aspect of a conversation to gain insights.

To better explain the course of a voice, AI software solutions with a powerful speech engine analyzes these keywords, phrases, and speech feelings in real-time. Speech Recognition analytics AI can be achieved after processing the audio, speech sentiment analysis, agent performance ranking, speech metrics.


7 Ways AI Speech Solutions Can Help BPOs – 

 The Automation Wave


Machines helping automate

In the BPO industry, it is important to accept artificial intelligence as it is a reality. The use of digital software will become an integral part of the BPO industry. Organizations like Kwantics, offer AI Voice assistance solutions to BPOs which are fueled by conversational AI.

The trend now is that other industries need to aspire and embrace modern technology plus have to turn themselves through omnichannel into a digital business, which is a big deal in the BPO industry.


Replace IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides clients with different choices to choose from and routes them to the right agent for their inquiry, based on their feedback. AI would alter this and will potentially replace IVR since it would recognize the voice of the customer automatically and be able to interpret the request of a customer and direct them to the correct agent.


Improving Customer Experience

The first step towards AI in the BPO industry is a mixture of speech, interactive chats, emails, social media, smartphones, and other news sources into Omni-channels. Instead of only being sales-centric, all businesses today want to be more creative with an emphasis on user experience.

To do so, the first step in the direction of Artificial Intelligence is to enable companies to maximize customer interaction in direct proportion to the number of agents. Reputed New Gen organizations like Kwantics are offering Speech Synthesis solution to create custom voice messages for brands and personalize user experience, specially for BPOs.

This technology can induce “The WOW factor” by offering tailor-made solutions like greeting customers etc. 

24/7 Customer Service

BPOs working 24*7

Usually, live agents can only answer one request at a time, and most businesses can not afford to staff an agent 24 hours a day. AI increases the customer experience of an organization and enables consumers to connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with companies.

Chatbots and voicebots are designed to have in-depth customer interactions based on how they respond to questions and make choices and recommendations much like a human being. Since they get responses easily and on their timetable, consumers are happier.


Solve customer problems quickly

Speech analytics applications with artificial intelligence capabilities can display conversation data automatically, pull patterns from consumers, and automatically offer solutions to multiple industries. AI-powered firms like Kwantics helps organizations with affordable speech analytics to churn out data.


Improve cybersecurity

For any organization that gathers data and payment information from clients, cybersecurity is a rising trend. Based on previous voice recordings or keywords listed on the call, speech analytics with AI features may identify potential fraudsters.


Save on costs

BPOs get most of their business from outside the country, which makes it mandatory for AI data management. One of the key reasons for this is that the majority of BPOs are under pressure to reduce their expenses.

Using a virtual assistant and other related instruments may also reduce this burden and raise revenues while retaining the quality of services.

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