In the 21st century, AI is a tool that contact centers need to have to deal with customers. And NLP has generated much hype on how this technology will evolve and how businesses can put it in place to make the customer experience better.

In this article, we will look at how AI and NLP can improve customer experience in the contact centers.

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a branch of AI that deals with the interaction between computers and humans. NLP makes sense of the human language in a manner that is valuable and contextual.

NLP assists in call center automation by understanding customer speech patterns. It also helps the contact centers in the analysis of customer feedback and turning it into actionable insight.


Top 3 benefits of natural language processing and AI:



Easy Extraction Of Information From Market


The market is influenced by the exchange of information between the company and shareholders or government, and citizens. To develop an effective marketing strategy it is important for an organization to analyze data. But the data channels like social media, RSS feeds and emails contain huge info, that it’s hard to extract meaningful data out of it.

This is especially true in the case of finance, where the majority of news is present in text and infographic form. Natural language processing or NLP can analyze such data and extract meaningful information out of it in a suitable format. Businesses can use this information for better decision-making.

With an advanced statistical algorithm, contact centers will be able to understand human conversation more effectively. The contact center incorporating Natural Language Processing and AI can improve data processing easily.  All the insights hidden in the unstructured data will become more feasible with technological advancement.


Shorter Call Timing And Better Customer Management


To capture feedback from more customers, service agents get penalized for long conversations. And, they get rewards on solving more customer problems during their shift. In contact centers, natural language processing and AI technology will shorten the call time. And it will also transcribe the conversations between agents and customers. This technology will enable service agents to solve customer queries effectively. And it will also allow them to go through the robust notes and determine the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.


Can Track Customer Emotion, Sentiments, and Much More!


Natural language processing is a common application of machine learning techniques. NLP has the potential to gain insights not only from structured data but also from unstructured data like emotions or sentiments. Such unstructured data and important elements of improving customer experience can’t be analyzed using the traditional methods.  NLP allows comprehensive analysis of such data and designs a more empathetic experience for customers.

Contact centers are the best place to capture the customer’s voices and improve customer experience. After implementing natural language processing or NLP technology, contact centers will be able to extract information from unstructured customer feedback. And, deliver valuable insights to the key decision-makers within the organization. For organizations, looking to win it’s time to put NLP into the game.

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